Art is Love. Give Art.

Art is …

A cold wind off Lake Superior, acrylic painting.
A Cold Wind off Lake Superior,. 30 x 30 in. Canvas. Mixed Acrylic.


Flower Power painting.
Flower Power. 16 x 16 in. Canvas. Mixed acrylics.


Clearing Skies painting.
Clearing Skies. 16 x 16 in. Canvas. Mixed acrylics.

Mysterious. Simple. Colorful. Moody. Chilling. Thrilling.
Beautiful. Loose. Fierce. Soothing. Inspiring. Art.

In its many forms, art exists to help us navigate the wonders of a world where emotions and imaginations are engaged. Art evokes an interactive, inner world experience. We don’t know where artistic expression begins, but we do know where it takes us.

Art is love.

Perhaps we’re calmed by an image or maybe we feel chaotic and confused by one, but we do connect with what our senses offer in response to a painting, a sculpture, a dancer, a love song, or a potter at the wheel.

Art is love. Give Art.

Whatever the form, art is an act of love by the creator or by the observer, or both. And if it’s not, well, it ought to be! I love to draw and paint, and I love to share the work I do. I also love to share the work of others. In upcoming blog posts, watch for interviews with artists of every skill level and interest. And if you love what they do, then give their art as an act of love to yourself or someone you care for.

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