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How to find yourself in your art. Art-making without overthinking.

Remember my frustrations back in April when I took Pat Dew’s, Abstracting Nature workshop? I never intended to take a class in creating abstract art. I thought I would learn new watercolor techniques that could fit with my watercolor style. Well, that didn’t happen! And I didn’t learn how to create abstract art either. But I was intrigued.   YouTube […]

Artistic Practice Builds Muscle Memory for Great Results!

You can watch others teach. You can read the manual. You can take the written test. But until you’ve put pen to paper, brush to canvas, even chalk to the sidewalk, you won’t know what you’ve learned. You’ve got to do it to know it. Muscle Memory. What is it and why should you care? Have you ever driven to […]

If It’s Not Discovery, It’s Not Art!

If it’s not discovery, it’s not art! Artificial intelligence and forgeries reproduce existing information. An artist, through discovery, creates something unique, something only their soul can birth. We learn the principles of the things we want to do so we can do them. With the principles in mind, we practice. Practice builds skill. The most skillful painter will likely tell […]

Welcome to my “Art is Love. Give Art.” journal.

My new arts website and journal.  “Art is Love. Give Art.” website is a work in progress. Thanks to the efficient and amazingly helpful efforts of Heather Felty, my website(s) person behind-the-scenes, both and are nearly done. Thankfulness extends as well to the Southwest Minnesota Arts Council (SWMC) for their grant support of artists like me—with funds from […]